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A recession is a time when many employees are made redundant and fresh graduates find it increasingly difficult to find employment. In such a situation, employers look to academic qualifications to decide which job candidate to hire and which to pass up. This fact makes an advanced degree a crucial requirement for most jobs, as well as a requirement for career progression. Yet, students are unable to take this step towards their career advancement and remain hesitant to further their education. Recognizing this, Woodbridge University has taken steps to make the decision-making process as simple as possible for students, providing them with help, support, guidance and advice at each step of the way. 

Identification of Motivating Factors

It is essential to be clear about the reasons for pursuing an education. An advanced degree requires commitment, dedication and motivation, all of which are not possible without a clear rationale. This could include work- or compensation-related reasons, such as increased earning power or career advancement, as well as personal reasons, such as increased self-satisfaction. Woodbridge University’s career counsellors and program advisors are available to provide career guidance and help individuals identify their motivations before finally making their decision.

Choice of program, degree and major

The qualifications required for achieving the goal should then be identified. Prospective students should conduct a critical examination of where and how their existing skill sets are deficient, and then decide how the gap will be filled. Here, too, Woodbridge University’s career counsellors and program advisors can provide invaluable help. They conduct career and personality assessments to help individuals decide which careers are right for them, and advise them regarding which particular programs at Woodbridge University would suit their career goals and personalities. They are also able to offer a global perspective on the future prospects of career fields, keeping in mind that Woodbridge University’s students are based in all corners of the globe.

Mode of attendance

Woodbridge University offers its courses online so that students can access the course content from any corner of the world, even if they decide to relocate to another country. This particular mode of attendance is best suited to students who require flexible study schedules to accommodate their family or work needs, or who are unable to relocate due to financial, family, or work-related reasons. 

Deciding on a School

After deciding on a program, degree or major, and a mode of attendance, prospective students need to identify the schools that offer their desired combination. Other factors that typically need to be considered include location, proximity to your current location, relocation costs, quality of faculty, reputation, academic support, tuition and accommodation expenses, convenience, duration of program, available technology and flexibility. The program advisors and career counsellors at Woodbridge University provide information and advice regarding the programs offered at the University and help students identify which courses would be right for them. Because all programs at Woodbridge University are offered entirely over the Internet, and can be accessed from any computer with Internet access, relocation and accommodation costs are entirely eliminated. The programs are globally accredited and the flexible format allows working professionals to pursue their studies in parallel with their careers at any pace that suits them. 

The Final Step: Admissions

Woodbridge University even makes the admissions process easy for its students. The application form can be accessed and filled out on the Woodbridge University website itself, and all supporting documentation, including transcripts from previous educational institutions, and certificates of employments, can be attached as PDF files, Word documents or JPEG files



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