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Most students these days enroll in university programs with the goal of landing a good career after graduation. But before their vision becomes a possibility, they have to choose a degree that will give them both, skills and knowledge that companies require. In today’s competitive job market, a right degree can make the world of difference.

Years ago a student could enroll in a program, take a few classes, earn a degree and be on his way to a good job. This doesn’t happen anymore. Companies do not provide on-job training but expect students to be trained and have specific skills required in the industry. They expect educational institutions to produce competent students who can analyze and have marketable skills. Earning a career focused degree goes a long way and helps students stand out.

A few degrees are now considered out dated and no longer hold the same appeal for employers as they did decades ago. Woodbridge University has designed its courses in relevance to the trends and needs of the current job market. Our degree programs are created specifically for students who want to zero in on the career market and also remain relevant in the coming years. Here are a few alternate and career focused degrees employers are looking for.


  • Degree in Accounting

While a bachelor’s degree in business is a good option, an online degree in accounting gives you a specific skills set that employers in the finance market seek and increases your chances of landing a great job. Businesses are now more focused on increasing revenues and profits. They require employees who have specialized skills in gathering data, analyzing and assessing an organizations financial performance. Students with a major in accounting now have far better chances of finding their footing in the job market as compared to those with a more general degree.


  • Degree in Computer Science

Computer science majors are now taking over the job market by storm. This is a new alternate to the mathematics degree which is, although a very strong major, does not provide you with as much versatility and hardcore skills. Students with a major in computer science still get to do a lot of math but they also develop their skills in communications, networking and computers. Almost every business today is dependent on computers and individuals with this degree automatically become more marketable.


  • Degree in Nursing

Healthcare industry is booming and with it the demand for employees with specific expertise has increased. A nursing degree makes a great alternate for biology. The need for healthcare professionals can probably never die and since nursing is one profession that cannot be outsourced; the need for expert professionals has amplified. A nursing degree is likely to open more doors for you than a degree in biology can.

A right degree will not only look good on the resume but will also make students more marketable. Weigh your options and choose a degree that has a future.


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