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In this day and age, employers are giving more emphasis to degrees and other academic qualifications rather than to practical knowledge and experience. Working professionals with no educational degree are unable to progress very far up the career ladder and are inevitably passed over by less experienced professionals whose only advantage is a college degree. In the same way, students with only a bachelor's degree will manage to get by in their career for a few years, but as the industry changes, they will need to bridge the gap between their existing skill set and the skills required in their job. Failing this, they will not be able to climb the career ladder, and so acquiring a master's degree becomes imperative for them. 

It is understandable that working professionals would not have the time to devote to a full time education program. This factor complicates formal, traditional education, as students find it hard to strike a balance between their demanding academics and their equally demanding careers. For such students, Woodbridge University has developed flexibility in all the programs it offers, to allow them to study at their own pace without imposing on them the rigid requirements of a traditional classroom format. Students have the freedom to select only as many courses and modules as they can conveniently handle in a given time period. This also allows students to accommodate their work and family needs while pursing their studies.

Not only that, Woodbridge University realizes that students may have family and other personal commitments outside their studies, and it works hard to accommodate students' financial constraints. The flexible schedules at Woodbridge University allow students to pay their fees in monthly instalments rather than in a lump sum. Because students have the option to opt for as many courses that they can handle conveniently, and since the tuition fees depend on the number of credit hours, financial burdens on students may be reduced substantially.



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