Stepping up to a Millennial Job Search


Job searching is an entirely new game, thanks to the internet and economy that has dramatically altered the playing field. Recent studies report 86% of jobless employees seeking dream jobs and trying to get back into the game. Did you know that today’s unemployed individual is up against greater competition? Bad economy has led to less jobs which automatically means more job seekers. Where in the past you were up against a few dozen other candidates, today you have to deal with several hundred of them, competing for the same position. And because employers have so many qualified candidates to choose from, the competition only keeps getting tougher.

Job searching is different today than it was a decade ago. The current job market is flooded with thousands of candidates who are willing to work for less money, decreasing the value of many jobs, as more people agree to work for less than their expectation. For those who want to reboot their job search, upgrading their plan will help them step up and get back to work.

Social Networking Avenues

Long gone are the days when you would type a professional resume, submit it to a few employers and work hard to make a career. Today’s workforce is faster, more skilled, competitive and believes in networking. Now a job search is no less than a brand campaign. Here your resume acts as the primary tool and you market yourself via various social media platforms. The advent of networking sites has made it easier to create and maintain connections. Social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter created new paths for job seekers, allowing them to find new connections and connecting them to companies they would want to work at. A keyword rich profile and participation in industry groups is the next best thing, as it helps find good contacts and facilitates in professional development.

How Transferable Are Your Skills?

Employers now prefer individuals with specialized skills set. So no matter how transferable you believe your skills might be, don’t be disappointed when a well-trained candidate is chosen for the job instead of you. These days just thinking that you are good enough for the job isn’t good enough. In order to meet the requirement of any position you will need qualifications as well as experience to meet the job criteria. Most employees make the mistake of getting used to the ways of their old company, forgetting to polish their skills. Strategic volunteering and interning is a relevant way to highlight your expertise as well as for acquiring skills. The employers need to feel that you will excel at the job if you are given the chance, otherwise they have plenty of options to choose from.

Internships Aren’t Just for Students

If you are under the impression that internships are primarily for college students then you need to open your eyes. These days, many companies are taking on post-grads for internships as more and more individuals are interested in interning post-graduation just to gain some work experience. This will allow you to position yourself as a resource and show your strength as a consultant, giving you short term work and equipping you with core strength. 

The opportunities that made a difference in the past may no longer exist. If you want to promote yourself, be prepared to identify and create the opportunities you desire. Just remember that change is constant and by exploring new avenues, you will be able to make yourself indispensible and become capable of finding opportunities even in the depths of a downturned economy.

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