"Hot" Growth Careers in the Next Decade


Financial analysts and economists predict that, in the coming years, manufacturing industries will continue to decline, but, at the same time, industries in the services sector will experience a significant increase in demand. The "hot" growth careers are predicted to be in the education, pharmaceutical and health care, and business and professional industries. Keeping this predicted trend in mind, Woodbridge University lays greater emphasis on programs concentrating on these particular career paths, so that its graduates are in a better position to compete for, and obtain, the most lucrative jobs in the market. Woodbridge University has developed its programs to incorporate the latest trends and best practices in each of these industries to enhance the employability of Woodbridge University's students and graduates. 

Health Care, Pharmaceutical and Medical Programs

Woodbridge University's healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical programs combine a variety of disciplines including Medical Imaging, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Orthoptics, Physiotherapy, Radiotherapy and Pharmacy, combined with an advanced research unit. This combination gives Woodbridge University's healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical programs a leading edge in the education of professionals in these industries. Woodbridge University's medical and health care programs are among the most technically advanced and competitive medical and healthcare education programs in the world. In this way, Woodbridge University provides and promotes high quality professional education to make health care and medical practice safe and effective.

Education and Teacher Training Programs

In the current global economic recession, one industry that is particularly successful is the education. Working professionals who have been laid off, or who face the threat of being laid off, tend to opt for furthering their qualifications to increase their employment prospects. Because more people are heading back to school due to the recession, the need for university and college teachers and other academicians has been on a steady increase since the first half of the decade. To cater to this need, Woodbridge University lays great emphasis on its education and teacher training programs, which equips would-be teachers with the skills, knowledge and competencies to teach subjects at any level. The programs impart knowledge about various schools and the education systems in order to provide students with the background knowledge to make their teaching efforts a success. In addition, the University partners with secondary schools and colleges in various locations around the world, in which students are provided with opportunities to apply their skills and knowledge in actual school placements in order to provide practical learning in addition to academic learning.

Accounting and Finance Programs

Despite the recent collapse of the global financial system, jobs in these sectors are expected to flourish as the system re-establishes itself. Sources predict that by 2014, employment in the accounting and financial sector will reach almost 21 million jobs. It is also predicted that the biggest growth will not occur in any one particular position of the professional ladder. Rather, it will be more of an overall growth affecting each and every conceivable position. For this reason, the accounting and financial programs at Woodbridge University are developed to cover a wide range of subjects related to accounting and finance. Taking into account the fact that Woodbridge University's students come from all around the globe, there is also a significant element of international accounting and finance, which allows the principles, knowledge and skills learned in the courses to be applied anywhere in the world.



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