Financing Possibilities on Meager Education Budget


Who doesn’t want to earn a coveted university degree and improve their academic profile and employability chances? However, time and money generally become huge hindrances, especially for busy professionals and working adults. Online education has largely bridged this distance. Managing time with education has become considerably easier but many still waver when it comes to finances.

Busy adults aren’t the only ones who are unable to continue their education. Many people, especially those coming from low and middle income families, are unable to continue their higher studies due to financial constrains. This is where distance learning stands out. There are several financing options offered by major online universities that can be explored by those who wish to further their educational goals.

From financial aid programs to scholarships, several accredited educational institutions offer financing options for students. These are aimed to assist families earning calculated incomes so they no longer have to contribute any major part of their income or assets for tuition and other mandatory fees, significantly reducing the contribution burden on families.

State and Federal Financial Aid

U.S highly encourages its citizens to pursue higher learning and completing their education. The United States government provides merit- and need-based student aid including grants and work-study loans. There are several federal and state student aid programs that provide aid on merit basis. There are several kinds of financing options students living in the country can avail. The student financial aid is one where the funding is intended to help students pay education related expenses while the general government funding is provided in the form of subsidies for public education however it is not called financial aid. Students can check with the Federal Student Aid for deadlines so they may apply at the right time to avail educational funding.

Federal Work-Study Program

The FWS Program funds needy students by offering part-time employment to help them finance the costs of education. There are over three thousand institutions in the U.S alone where students can receive FWS funds. Students applying for this program may be employed by a FWS institution; a federal, state, or local public agency; a private nonprofit organization; or by a private for-profit organization. To apply for the fund students are required to file a free application with Federal Student Aid.

Educational Grants

Many online universities offer grants, some only partially though, to exceptional students on a need-basis. These generally do not have to be paid back. Students interested in availing the educational grant should directly contact the university and get information regarding the grants being offered.

University Scholarships

Many universities offer their own financial assistance to students in the form of scholarships. These are offered on need- or merit-based and are quite popular amongst students as this is the kind of financial aid option where they do not have to pay back anything. Some educational institutions also give out scholarships on athletic or co-curricular achievements.

Educational Loans

This is one of the most popular financing options which many students in U.S go for. Generally, education loans obtained through the federal government have lower interest rates than private education loans. Students can obtain a loan from private organizations or from the Federal Direct Loan. Payment terms and interest rates for educational loans are normally quite favorable and better than commercial loans.

In the case of continuing and online education, certain organizations also help finance the education of their employees. Online learning offers the best avenues in this regard. It not only allows busy adults to pursue their studies without hampering their career but also offers a variety of financial options to students interested in advancing their academic profile without financial constraints.



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