Creating Networking Prowess for Job Search


When searching for employment opportunities, most of us make the mistake of sending out mass emails to our entire network. While this is done in hopes to engage the network and to gain results, in reality this approach is quite ineffective and fails to provide compelling references. More so, this tactic gives out a desperate look, making people flee rather than reaching out to help.

Effective networking requires a focused one-to-one communication, instead of sending out mass cries for help. It is more about building relationships rather than exploiting them. Networking requires diligence and hard work, otherwise you will not get anywhere in your job hunting.

Want to motivate people to join your network and create strong connections? Here are some tips that will help you create a well-connected network for employment search:

1. Seek Advice from Key Contacts

Instead of sending out a mass cry for help, ask for professional advice and seek help gracefully. Your network will have contacts that work in target companies or know someone who does. So do your research and go to the right people. Be as specific as possible so it is easier for others to understand and assist you accordingly.

2. Build Strong Relations

It is essential that you respect others and stay in contact with them instead of losing touch with them for quite some time and then contacting them only when you need help. This way they will not feel used when you ask them for anything. Rekindle your relationships and grow a strong network by staying in touch with your contacts, as it goes a long way.

3. Segment your Network

Mass messages never have the same effect as individual ones. Create different messages for people depending upon the nature of your relationship and interaction with them. Segmenting your network into peers, close contacts, subordinates, bosses and friends will help you focus on the type of email you need to create for each group so the addressee feels a personalized connection.

4. Show Respect, Give Gratitude

Remember the very first manner lessons we learnt in kindergarten of ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you’? These hold tremendous value and never grow old. Giving respect and showing gratitude go a long way. Help others when asked, let someone else benefit from your knowledge and be proactive in offering help. And don’t forget to show your appreciation by thanking the person, in advance and after they do something for you.

5. Remember to Follow up

Networking isn’t just about creating relationships and building contacts, but about staying in touch and about mutual benefits. Once you have rekindled a relationship or created a new bond, do remember to stay in touch periodically and keep it warm.

Your network will only thrive and bear fruit when you show other people respect and treat them as individuals. Your contacts will be eager to help you with your job search but in order for them to do so you will have to take the right steps and be willing to provide mutual benefits.



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