How Competitive IS Your Degree?


Countless workers are stuck in the middle of the corporate ladder and continue to be passed over for promotions despite their technical qualifications, simply because they do not possess a master's degree.


Despite the fact that a bachelor's degree is perfectly suited for entry-level jobs, many working graduates are beginning to discover that they need to obtain a postgraduate degree for progression in their chosen careers. They may also learn that to increase their chances of moving up in the corporate ladder, they require a master's degree in a different discipline. For instance, graduates with technical degrees can get only so far when it comes to career progression. To reach the highest rungs of the career ladder, a master's degree in business administration or general management becomes essential.


The intensity of the competition for promotion, better opportunities and higher salaries also depends upon the industry and the occupation. For example, in law enforcement agencies, a high school graduate can qualify to become a police officer. But in the long run, the opportunities and chances to get promoted will be greatly reduced due to lack of education and, despite the level experience, such an individual will continue to be passed over by new individuals who possess a bachelor's degree. In almost all such agencies, officers feel obliged to take up advanced programs and seek criminal justice degrees to progress in their careers.


Similarly in the engineering industry, undergraduates are facing a hard time coping with the challenges of a changing world. Unless they keep themselves updated with the latest technologies and trends they will be left behind, to be replaced by others who possess the most up-to-date knowledge about their subject, regardless of their level of experience.


Earning a basic bachelor's degree in the desired field would prove sufficient for some time but after a few years, as the trends and practices of the industry change, individuals will feel the need to match their skill sets with the required skill sets in the market. Competitive degrees are academic degrees that are completely career oriented, focused on a particular area of study and are designed to help individuals excel in their careers.


Employers these days prefer graduates who have strong technical backgrounds, as well as the necessary educational qualifications, because it makes it easier for them to work in a changing environment and the soft skills they acquire during the course of their education helps them become better employees. Woodbridge University offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the latest industry trends and addresses the core areas of study to ensure a completely career oriented education. A degree from Woodbridge can lead you towards a promising career in a field of your choice.


It is a proven fact that sooner or later every working individual needs to address the issue of career progression and advancement. Studies prove that, by the end of the first quarter of this century, more than half of the jobs will go to people with bachelor's and master's degrees. Woodbridge offers flexible academic programs that suit working adults, individuals and professionals alike.


The workplace is the new battlefield and to win in this situation, a solid academic background is required. Woodbridge answers this call by offering the best online degrees at an affordable price. Their state of the art online classrooms and syllabi help students learn at their own pace and according to their own schedules.



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