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Stepping up to a Millennial Job Search

Job searching is an entirely new game, thanks to the internet and economy that has dramatically altered the playing field. Recent studies report 86% of jobless employees seeking dream jobs and trying to get back into the game. Did you know that today’s unemployed individual is up against greater competition? Bad economy has led to less jobs which automatically means more job seekers Look around you and you will notice a visible change in the way everything works as compared to how things were a decade ago.....

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Embracing Open Mobile Technologies for Learning

Mobile learning has made communication easier between peers and tutors, allowing them to access learning resources and education material from anywhere in the world. Mobile adaptability has made it convenient for students to learn, facilitating them so they can study on the move. More and more educational institutions are now incorporating mobile learning into their organizational strategy.

Look around you and you will notice a visible change in the way everything works as compared to how things were a decade ago. ....

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Creating Networking Prowess for Job Search

When searching for employment opportunities, most of us make the mistake of sending out mass emails to our entire network. While this is done in hopes to engage the network and to gain results, in reality this approach is quite ineffective and fails to provide compelling references. More so, this tactic gives out a desperate look, making people flee rather than reaching out to help.

Effective networking requires a focused one-to-one communication, instead of sending out mass cries for help. ....

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Encouraging Gender Diversity in Business

The corporate world is giving serious thought to the notion of boosting their female talent pool and encouraging women onto boards of various companies. Achieving gender diversity, according to a recent research conducted by Catalyst, is essential for the success of businesses across the globe.

In a sector where gender diversity continues to be a problem, with not enough companies making tangible efforts to promote women to high-profile positions....

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Financing Possibilities on Meager Education Budget

Who doesn’t want to earn a coveted university degree and improve their academic profile and employability chances? However, time and money generally become huge hindrances, especially for busy professionals and working adults. Online education has largely bridged this distance. Managing time with education has become considerably easier but many still waver when it comes to finances.

Busy adults aren’t the only ones who are unable to continue their education. Many people, especially those coming ....

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Implementing Advance Technologies

It's probably safe to say that online education is the product of technology and not just a consequence of it. Technology has had the biggest impact on the education industry. Progress in the field of communication led to the birth of internet, which gradually led to the formation of various online information systems that in turn resulted in social communities and online circles, which helped people collaborate and share information at an incredible pace. If anything, technology added speed and value to education.

Advancements in technology have only been helping educationa...

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Smart Alternate Degrees

Most students these days enroll in university programs with the goal of landing a good career after graduation. But before their vision becomes a possibility, they have to choose a degree that will give them both, skills and knowledge that companies require. In today’s competitive job market, a right degree can make the world of difference.


Years ago a student could enroll in a program, take a few classes, earn a degree and be on his way to a good job. This doesn’t happen anymore. Companies do not...

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How Competitive IS Your Degree?

Countless workers are stuck in the middle of the corporate ladder and continue to be passed over for promotions despite their technical qualifications, simply because they do not possess a master's degree.


Despite the fact that a bachelor's degree is perfectly suited for entry-level jobs, many working graduates are beginning to discover that they need to obtain a postgraduate degree for progression in their chosen careers. They may also learn that to increase..

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Student Counselling and Support

A recession is a time when many employees are made redundant and fresh graduates find it increasingly difficult to find employment. In such a situation, employers look to academic qualifications to decide which job candidate to hire and which to pass up. This fact makes an advanced degree a crucial requirement for most jobs, as well as a requirement for career progression. Yet, students are unable to take this step towards their career advancement and remain hesitant to further their education. Recognizing this, Woodbridge University has taken steps to make the decision-making process as simple as possible for students, providing them with help, support, guidance..

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Movement towards Online Education

In this day and age, employers are giving more emphasis to degrees and other academic qualifications rather than to practical knowledge and experience. Working professionals with no educational degree are unable to progress very far up the career ladder and are inevitably passed over by less experienced professionals whose only advantage is a college degree. In the same way, students with only a bachelor's degree will manage to get by in their career for a few years, but as the industry changes, they will need to bridge the gap between their existing skill set and the skills required in their job. Failing this, they will not be able to climb the career ladder..

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"Hot" Growth Careers in the Next Decade

Financial analysts and economists predict that, in the coming years, manufacturing industries will continue to decline, but, at the same time, industries in the services sector will experience a significant increase in demand. The "hot" growth careers are predicted to be in the education, pharmaceutical and health care, and business and professional industries. Keeping this predicted trend in mind, Woodbridge University lays greater emphasis on programs concentrating on these particular career paths, so that its graduates are in a better position to compete for, and obtain, the most lucrative jobs in the market. Woodbridge University has developed its programs..

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