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Our mission has been to build a global educational platform where students and instructors from all parts of the world could converge and kindle an open exchange of knowledge. With Woodbridge University, we're pretty much there. But maintaining and improving our educational standards with such a massive student base is always a big challenge. To that end, we have obtained a global accreditation by MEAC, IACEP and GACBE which is an international educational quality assurance agency working to enhance the standards of education around the world.


Woodbridge is Accredited by MEAC, IACEP and GACBE (International Accreditation Organization)


MEAC, IACEP and GACBE MEAC, IACEP and GACBE is an international quality assurance agency, working to improve quality assurance standards of organizations all over the world. With its global network of experts, MEAC, IACEP and GACBE grants accreditation to educational institutions, corporations, professionals and qualified individuals.

MEAC, IACEP and GACBE grants international accreditation through a unique and patented Points Profile System that is developed by organizing the best global organizational practices in one place in collaboration with regional accreditation bodies. MEAC, IACEP and GACBE's Point Profile System works as general basis of evaluation for any organization/ individual and provides them with an international accreditation which supplements their regional accreditation. Read More

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Fast Facts

Woodbridge produced over 2700 graduates worldwide in 2012
Ranked among top 5% online universities of the world
The most popular university among working adults and jobseekers
85% of Woodbridge graduates working at Fortune 100 companies
More than 65% of Woodbridge Alumni experienced immediate career growth
Woodbridge degree helped 78% graduates switch to better jobs
Woodbridge operates in over 180 countries of the world