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We're Everywhere in the World

Woodbridge University has a vast global outreach thus enabling students to access the University from virtually every corner of the world. It is efficient, effective and accessible. Woodbridge University gives you an opportunity to study in an extremely professional learning environment, where you interact with people of all ages and academic and professional backgrounds. You can access your online classrooms and study material from anywhere in the world through the Internet. With online study programs, you can always stay in touch with your study program and can become a part of an accredited university.


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Fast Facts

Woodbridge produced over 2700 graduates worldwide in 2012
Ranked among top 5% online universities of the world
The most popular university among working adults and jobseekers
85% of Woodbridge graduates working at Fortune 100 companies
More than 65% of Woodbridge Alumni experienced immediate career growth
Woodbridge degree helped 78% graduates switch to better jobs
Woodbridge operates in over 180 countries of the world