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    Woodbridge University can be the best solution for your higher education needs amid a busy life. As our education is completely online and students have total control over the pace of their selected program, admissions are on year round and you can enroll for a desired program.
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Explore Ways to Finance Your Education

Woodbridge's fee structure is designed to be extremely pocket-friendly so everybody has easy access to quality higher education. By bridging the financial gap between you and first-rate learning, we have accomplished our mission of making professional higher education universally accessible. As our education costs only a fraction of what other top-ranking traditional and online institutions charge you, we remain the world's most sought after university among working adults and jobseekers.

Making our education even more affordable for those who deserve, Woodbridge University offers several financial aid options so you can further reduce your tuition. Some of the ways that help you reduce your fee and materialize your educational plans with zero financial worries are listed below.

Financial Aid Options at Woodbridge University


Woodbridge education is already very affordable. But there are several ways using which you can further reduce or tuition or make paying for your education easier. Explore the ways Woodbridge facilitates you in financing your education.


Pay As You Please

Woodbridge University allows you to pay your tuition as per your convenience. There are two payment plans available so you can pay for your program without the financial pressure.


  • Pay Upfront
  • You can choose to pay your total program fee upfront. Doing this will give you a huge 14.5% discount on your total program fee, which you can further reduce using other financial aid options.
  • Pay In 2 Easy Installments
  • For your convenience, you can choose to pay in 2 easy installments. Doing this will give you a huge 7% discount on your total program fee, which you can further reduce using other financial aid options.


To learn more about Woodbridge fee payment options, talk to a student advisor today on 1-866-486-5898.




Woodbridge University offers several educational grants and scholarships through which you can save up to 50% on your total program fee. These scholarships are offered from a limited pool of funds on first come first served basis.


  • Educational Grants
  • Everybody can apply for our educational grants and save up to 50% on their tuition. Through these academic grants, students worldwide are able to have access to Woodbridge's quality higher education with zero financial pressures.


  • Military Personnel Scholarships
  • These scholarships are designed for military personnel and their families.
  • Academic Achievement Scholarships
  • Applicants eligible for these scholarships need to have some great academic achievement.


Credit Transfers

Woodbridge University allows you to earn credits for your previously completed courses. If there's any course in your Woodbridge program that you've previously completed successfully, you can get credits for that course transferred to your current Woodbridge education and thus enjoy course waiver.

Earning credits for your formerly completed courses not only expedites your Woodbridge program as you get to skip that course, but also helps you save big through 100% course tuition waivers.


To learn more about Woodbridge credit transfers, talk to a student advisor today on 1-866-486-5898.


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Fast Facts

Woodbridge produced over 2700 graduates worldwide in 2012
Ranked among top 5% online universities of the world
The most popular university among working adults and jobseekers
85% of Woodbridge graduates working at Fortune 100 companies
More than 65% of Woodbridge Alumni experienced immediate career growth
Woodbridge degree helped 78% graduates switch to better jobs
Woodbridge operates in over 180 countries of the world